August 2014 in Pictures

 Boarding the Train
 They tasted just like Welch’s Grape Juice
Such a fun day at Delmonaco Winery. 
Been married to this guy for 9 years. Photobombed before it was cool! 😉
 1st Day of School Tradition
 Excited for 2nd Grade!
 Hard at work. Love having her right next to me. 
 Flashback to the first day of Pre-School at Stanford. Where did my baby go?
Still Summer!
Girl’s Day Field Trip!

 #rolltide #puritylover #drenuf
By the way – This is my new favorite song. Smidge of language.

But, awesome for promoting a positive body image. Also, catchy!

The time is here. See you in October! 😉

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