Homeschooling After a Long Break

As predicted, things got a little crazy with work during conference season. I homeschooled consistently all the way up until September 18th and then we called it quits. I was pretty impressed that we had made it that far. And then we did nothing on the homeschool front for the next month. Yes, MONTH!

Well, there were a few field trips thrown in but as far as classroom work is concerned… zip.zilch.nada.

But, y’all, that’s the beauty of homeschool.

You take breaks when you need to. Looooong breaks if necessary. If you need to take a month off mid-September, go for it! You get to schedule your school year as it fits around your family, not the other way around. Because the school year technically started July 1 (and runs until June 30), we are actually still on pace with Metro. In fact, I think I’m still ahead by 1 day.

I will say it again….

Homeschool allows you to weave learning around your family schedule. Not the other way around. 

It makes me positively giddy!

The other amazingly flexible thing about homeschool is that it doesn’t all have to occur in a classroom. It doesn’t all have to be achieved over a workbook or on the computer. Thank goodness! Field trips saved my sanity last month.

But, alas, after my conference was over (and I slept for a week), I was ready to get back into a routine and back to our curriculum. Over the last week, we have eased back into our studies. We did one day of school *claps for self* and, as luck would have it, we already had a field trip planned for the next day to the TN History Festival. Like I said, ease back in with extra emphasis on ease. 😉

Of note, this Festival is always the 2nd weekend in October
at Bicentennial Mall and it’s fantastic!
Highly recommended. 

This week, we have spent several days doing curriculum work, though not always at home. Today, for example, we did homeschool at the car dealership while getting the oil changed.

I’m actually feeling quite refreshed after our break and, after this week, I feel like we are back in our groove.

Wanna know more about all these field trips we take? Stay tuned for an upcoming post about the Nashville Homeschool Calendar. It’s kinda awesome!

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