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Love Notes For Your Kids

This is our 4th year of doing love notes and I’m so excited about it. It’s SUPER easy. I don’t do hard or complicated. I’ve also included some tips down below, including ideas for pre-readers.


Step 1. Do not overthink this or Pinterest this.

Step 2. Grab some construction paper, plain ole printer paper, notebook paper, hearts from the $1 spot, whatever.

Step 3. Write things you love about your kid(s).

Step 4. Stick one to their door every morning during February.

Step 5. Don’t over think this. Just do it.


Our words are powerful. This is an easy way to consistently pour positive affirmations into our kiddos for a solid month.


  • Be specific. Let your child know that you love every bit of them, even quirky things.
  • I prefer to write a bunch of them at once so I have plenty to choose from but you can also write one each day if you prefer.
  • Involve dad, siblings, and even grandparents if you want. This helps to fill up the month without being repetitive and also gives good perspective into what others love about your child.
  • If mornings are hectic, stick it to their door before you go to bed so you don’t forget.
  • If you forget one, just keep going. This is not about being perfect.
  • Some people stop at Valentine’s Day. Some don’t start until Valentine’s Day. Some people do Valentine’s Day only. The point is, just do something.
  • You can do this for any age, including teens and spouses or anyone else living at your house right now. Love notes are for everyone!


You can still do this for your littles as well. Make a point to give them a specific compliment or affirmation each day this month. Kneel down and look into their eyes to help get their attention.


Some kids immediately love this and tell you. Others may observe the note but never say a word. Older kiddos may even scoff at the idea. Don’t be deterred. Keep going! One year, my kiddo acted like this was the dumbest idea on the planet. Halfway through she started looking for them each morning and even called me out once when I accidentally forgot. This child also left her love notes up until April. Even when the tape fell off, she would get more and put them back up. Which brings me to another point. Don’t beat yourself up if you forget some. Life is crazy-town some days. Know that what you are doing is meaningful and making a difference in the long run but don’t stress yourself out over it. Here are some love notes from me to you. 

I love that you want to do something special for your child.

You are a great mom!

I love when you are creative.

You are enough.


Ok, let’s do this. Here’s to being intentional for 28 days and loving our kids with words!

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