April 2016 In Pictures

 The BEAUTIFUL quilt Skylar made with Aunt Sheila! They finished it in one day!
 So glad to have our girl home and back in the nest! 
 First load of dirt. 25 bags. 
 Our monthly Lego & Starbucks date. This time she ordered the drinks and paid (with the app on my phone). Growing up so fast! 
 I call the expansion the “urban garden”. It’s definitely a step up from the redneck garden. 
 Second load of dirt. 15 bags. 
She was so proud that she climbed this pallet of mulch.  
Our new compost bin! 
 The original redneck garden ready for 2016 with a few things left over from winter. 
Our grape vine. So many buds.  
Skylar & Baron in the car.  
School with Baron. 
 Yard Sale Day.
Popping out. 
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