November 2016 in Pictures

Be sure to see the November 2016 post for the full update and details. 
 I love voting with this kid! 
 Alabama, where they buy her gigantic stuffed animals. 
 Having her picture made in the same exact spot I did as a kid her age. 
 Visiting with her buddy Sheldon in Alabama. 
 Election Day Homeschool Fun
 Homeschool Day at McKays
 We made DIY upcycled mittens out of an old sweater
 Raggedy Andy that she made at Co-op this semester
 Making tie blankets with Grandma at the cabin
 Cousins are the best!
 Got ’em a squirrel
 Puzzle #2
 Riding go-carts at the track
I hauled a trailer. Twice. 

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