May 2017 in Pictures

 I’ve been updating the flower beds at the BFF using pavers and rocks we’ve found around our property.  Looks SO much better!
 For Mother’s Day, Mike got me these awesome rain/muck boots in my favorite color!
 Sweet sunset at the Lake!
 Road Trip with K-Diddy

Reconnected with a friend from my middle school years in Orlando. 
♥ I got to see my Disney boyfriend, Flynn Rider. ♥
We also met Ariel, Rapunzel, and Prince Eric at this Breakfast. 
Mickey & Minnie Safari Style
Donald didn’t want to give me my girl back. 
Animal Kingdom Day and the Tree of Life with my best girl! 
Picked up a dozen cupcake jars and I’m not sharing!!
Softball season has begun!
Fun at the Lake on the Lilly Pad
Our Preds are doing great this season and made it the Stanley Cup Finals
Setting up our rain barrels at the BFF!
Relaxing in our hammocks!
Said goodbye our our Easton buddy after 13 years.

Click here to read the full May update and details.

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