Top 10 Fidgets for Sensory Kids or Kinesthetic Learners

I’m homeschooling a sensory kiddo who is also a kinesthetic learner. She learns completely opposite from me. I quickly saw that if her hands aren’t moving, it’s more difficult for her to take in new information. She’s also particular about textures. Below is a list of fidgets we have found that help keep her hands busy so her brain can be open. In fact, she asked me to write this post to help other mamas or teachers with kiddos who learn like she does. Click on each image to learn more or view the detailed list at the end of this post. 





  1. Fidget Spinner
  2. Cube Bot
  3. Fidget Cube
  4. Stick bot
  5. Galaxy Slime
  6. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty
  7. Tangle Jr. 
  8. Lego Creative
  9. Tangram Puzzles
  10. Play Foam

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