July 2017 in Pictures

4th of July Celebration with Mimi & K-Diddy 
So excited to visit with my Bham bestie!
All of the princesses
 When the kid is in Bama…
 Hiking with Angie & Coe
Swimming at Uncle Bennie’s
 Cracks me up that Skylar found the Free Book Bin even in Bama
 Getting to know District 33
 Happy to have our girl home.
 Three Generations of Look Alikes
 BFF patriotic upgrade
 She’s got braces! Isn’t she adorable?
 We found the cutest little neighborhool library up the road. 
 How we landed after flipping 3 times. 
Driver’s Side 
The other vehicle
At the tow yard
I got a splint and some stiches as a souvenier
Pretty narly looking and hurts like the dickens. 
I’m getting pretty good at typing with only 7 fingers. 

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