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September 2017 Update

September was kind of a blur.

We popped down to Bham for my step-brother’s wedding on the way to the beach. Hurricane Irma kind of dampened the first couple of days but then we had fantastic weather and shell hunting, which is Skylar’s favorite. I didn’t get to snorkel a lot but we still had a blast.

While we were at the beach, I had the grand idea to start an online deal sharing service. I love saving money and I love shopping from my couch so it only made sense to start sharing the things I find with everyone else. You can follow Online Deal Alert on Facebook. Be sure to find the pinned post at the top and let me know if you are looking for anything in particular and I’ll keep an eye out. I’ve already helped several people check things off their list – at a discount!

While we were away, Mike held down the fort but we missed our pup so much. I was SO surprised at how much she had grown during the week we were away. At her first check up in early September she weighed 15 pounds but we can tell she’s gaining quickly Y’all. I don’t really enjoy the puppy stage at all (#BecauseBaron), but this girl is so sweet and laid back. She has been the perfect addition to our family and she has made a great farm dog so far. She’s happy and content to hang close to the house and doesn’t really wander at all. We most often find her lounging at the back door or under a shade tree. She even puts herself to bed at night in her kennel outside. I can’t get over how gentle and calm her personality is. She’s really smart but she’s also pretty lazy (thank you pyranees). The lab part makes her really friendly so it’s like the best of both worlds. We have joked that we hit the jackpot with this love bug and are so happy to have her here!

We’ve also added 2 new chickens to the BFF, Dot + Freckles. I call them “the twins.” They stick pretty close to each other and I really can’t tell them apart. They’ve had quite a time trying to acclimate to the rest of our brood but things are finally starting to get better. Everybody went on a laying strike for a while but I think we’ve gotten the pecking order in line now.

I was able to help a postpartum family earlier this month. I literally watched a baby go from 36 – 48 hours old and it was so precious. I also had a repeat client deliver at the end of the month. It’s such an honor to work with a family again.

Stay tuned for October. More September pics here.

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