How to Listen to Audiobooks for FREE!

I LOVE to read but the idea of curling up with a book is not an option these days. In fact, the “time crunch” is why I gave up books once upon a time. Then I discovered audiobooks. But I’m also thrifty and don’t want to pay for them. Here’s how to get audiobooks for free. ?

1. Download Libby App to your phone (FREE). ?
2. Connect it with your local library membership (FREE). ?
3. Check out audiobooks from your library and listen to them on the app (FREE). ?

It’s so easy! The best part about Libby is that there are no late fees. It will automatically return your book on the due date.

There are a couple of downsides to this method but I have some solutions.

1. What if the library doesn’t own the book you want? My library has a “recommend” option in the app. So far, they’ve purchased almost every title I’ve requested. 

2. What if the book you want is checked out right now? Most libraries have a waiting list for books. I will hop on the list and move on to another title while I’m waiting for that one. 

? Need some reading inspiration? ?


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