[REVIEW] Girl, Stop Apologizing

I can’t wait to share my review of Girl, Stop Apologizing with you. This is the most recent book from Rachel Hollis. She also wrote Girl, Wash Your Face, which was a New York Times Best Seller. I’ll be honest, I didn’t love her previous book. It was just okay. I gave it 3.5 stars. My favorite part of her last book was the practical tips she gave at the end of each chapter. That was it’s only redeeming quality.

Girl, Stop Apologizing

I think this is the book I was hoping for last time. This book is FULL of helpful tips. It’s encouraging and inspiring and motivational and doable. I keep saying it’s a cross between Jen Hatmaker, Jon Acuff, and Todd Falcone. There’s life advice, personal growth exercises, business help, and it will motivate you like crazy.

I started with the audiobook, because that’s how I read all books these days. I HIGHLY recommend it. Sometimes with books like this, it’s hard to convey tone and motive. Some of the things she’s done in her life or encouraging you to evaluate or embrace in your life could possibly come across the wrong way. I mean if the title of the book tells you anything, she is not about to mince words. However, without a doubt, she is unapologetically in your corner and only wants the best for you. She wants you to achieve your potential, not settle for the lies and excuses you’ve been telling yourself. The best part? She’s going to teach you the tools and skills you need to get there. At times in the audiobook it felt like she was yelling at me (in a good way). I think of her as a sweet friend (who’s also a little spicy) that knows when you need a push to get you moving in the right direction. It’s not so much yelling as it is cheering you on. Give this book a chance. She’s about to be your biggest cheerleader, but she’s not putting up with the world’s excuses – or yours for that matter.

Part of the reason I loved GSA is because what she says are things I tell women all. the. time. And if I don’t tell them, I certainly think it. I don’t have her eloquent combination of words to put those thoughts into something that can be communicated easily. I’m a no-nonsense kind of person and, by George, so is she! Whether it’s life or businesses or faith, let’s cut the crap, and get rid of all the junk society tries to sell us. We have goals to accomplish and we need to get to it!

I devoured this book. I finished it in 3 days. All the while I was thinking, I need to slow down so I can really digest this material and start implementing these practices. But I couldn’t NOT listen. It was THAT good! I soaked up every bit of wisdom she poured out. Then I promptly ordered the hardback so I can underline and circle and pull out words to write on my mirror.

I’ve already sent this book to several of my business partners. I hope it will be just as life-giving for them as it has been for me. It’s kicked my booty into gear in some areas that I’ve been lax, but knew I needed to do better. I seriously don’t know how to share how motivating this book has been for me in multiple areas of my life.

Bottom line… READ THIS BOOK.

If you are up for it, I’m starting an online book club for Girl, Stop Apologizing. I think everyone could benefit from a platform to work through this book and talk it out with other women. I’d love for you to join in on the fun. It’s my first time hosting a book club online but I think I have it structured so that ladies can hop in at any time.

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