March 2019 Family Update

March got off to a bit of a rocky start. I was supposed to be back in Nashville but ended up spending 5 extra days with mom while she was admitted to the hospital. I did come home for about a week and then headed back to Bama help her get settled at home with Hospice. We have a room set up for her at the house with everything they need. At the moment, the biggest concern is getting her pain under control. That’s been an ongoing battle all month long. I hate to see her hurting so much!

I still continue to be impressed and eternally grateful for our friends and family who step in to help me as soon as I ask and sometimes even when I don’t. Some sweet friends even offered to take Skylar on vacation with them for Spring Break. This was such a blessing in so many ways for all 3 of us and our girl had a blast!

Skylar’s Scout Troop also went on their first camping trip this month, and she had a blast! I’m so proud of all of the girls and how quickly they are advancing through the requirements for each rank. Skylar is 100% sold out and wants to do anything and everything she can. We spend last Saturday at the University of Scouting and both received a “Bachelor’s Degree” for taking a certain number of courses. I was also able to renew my CPR/AED certification, which was very helpful! Skylar got her CPR certification at the beginning of the month, which I think is an awesome thing for a 12-year-old to have. Scouting has provided lots of benefits and opportunities thus far.

Mike has been super busy at work. He’s now helping manage 3 hotel properties and 2 restaurants. I keep joking around calling him the “Mayor of Green Hills” but I’m seriously so proud of how well he manages his team and his ever-growing list of responsibilities. The highlight of his month was meeting Gus Malzahn at an Alumni event here in Nashville.

All 3 of us popped down to Birmingham the last weekend of the month to see mom and check on her. They still can’t manage to get her pain under control, which is frustrating for all of us – especially her. That’s the whole point of Hospice care, right? Regardless, we had a good visit and I was able to see all of my nieces and nephew.

In case you missed it, my hair got a bit of an update and I absolutely love it – Teal!!!!

Looking ahead to April, I’ll be celebrating a work anniversary and Skylar has another camping trip planned. I’ll also be making 2 trips back to Alabama to check on mom and, of course, we are looking forward to our 2nd Easter at New Tribe.

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