Family Update

April 2019 Family Update


I kicked off this month celebrating my 1-year anniversary with HempWorx. I’m still a little in shock about all that has happened in the last year but loving what I’m doing! CBD has been a game-changer for my anxiety and Mike’s knee pain but this entrepreneurial venture has taken off faster than anything I’ve ever done before. I finally got my personalized license plate to go on the Hempress so that was a nice way to celebrate!

CBD car

Skylar had her Talent Showcase for her homeschool co-op at the beginning of the month. Her acting class did a skit and, without a doubt, Skylar was the best (and funniest) part of the entire night. She’s a hoot and did a fantastic job! We were laughing so hard and I loved that everyone got to experience a tiny bit of what Mike and I encounter on a regular basis. This past week, we attended Field Day which is the last event for the year. She looks forward to it so much and came home with several Blue Ribbons. We looked at another co-op as an option for next year but it wasn’t a good fit for us and made me even more thankful for where we are at Legacy Family Academy.

I popped down to check on mom mid-month and then headed back to Nashville just in time for Easter. The turn around trip had me pretty tired so I didn’t take many pictures on Easter but we had a nice lunch and egg hunt with Mike’s family at his parent’s new house. Even better that they are now just 2 minutes away!

Skylar is still head over heels for Scouts and even went on another camping trip this month. She can hardly wait for Summer Camp! We attended our first Court of Honor where she received her second rank advancement in less than 3 months along with her merit badge for completing First Aid. The parents also get pins for advancements, which was a nice gesture.
We are down to 2 hens at the BFF due to both sickness and predators but neither of them are laying because they are older. After you’ve had farm fresh eggs it’s hard to go back to store bought. In the meantime, we added 8 baby chicks. The original plan was to get ducks (but laying ducks are expensive) then ducklings (but Tractor Supply didn’t get a shipment), and then we settled for more chickens (mainly because TSC had them on sale for $0.50 each). They are all doing fine and really have been pretty easy so far. The hardest part is going to be waiting out the 6 months until they start laying. Spring is in full bloom and we are back to grass cutting every week. I’ve got everything sewn and planted in the garden this year so we’ll see how it goes from here.

My online book club is going well (you should join us) and I’ve started reading through the Bible chronologically for the second time. I have a new study Bible that makes it super easy and I’m so excited about it. We wrapped up a women’s book club at church and I’m looking forward to Tribe Groups which are starting next month.

We have a few other things to look forward to in May, starting with our trip to NYC next week! Stay tuned.

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