Family Update

April 2022 Family Update

As homeschoolers, April is the last month of school for us. Skylar wrapped up her 9th grade year with all A’s and even earned a Certificate of Excellence for both Science and Art. One of her favorite teachers, Ms. Ginger, retired this year and we were all big sad over it. She was one of the special ones!

Skylar also went to prom this year. She and her date had matching light up shoes and she chose a green dress to match her hair. She looked lovely on the evening of the event but things went sideways from there. Bless. She still had a fantastic time with her friends and we enjoyed ice cream in my bed at 2 am with our beloved Onyx for emotional support. A classic example of Skylar’s resilience and making memories even when things don’t go as expected.


Spring hockey will finish up in a few weeks but we also went to check out the Lacrosse team at Wilson Central. She’s hoping to be able to play for them next year. I’ve talked her into homeschooling one more year but she has plans to transfer back to public school for 11th grade. She also had an opportunity at the end of the month to help out and ref a few scrimmages for the Nashville Warriors tryouts.

We had several Alabama visitors this month including Mimi one week and Aunt Whitney, Brad, and the kids for another weekend. On the last weekend of the month we were able to attend Briella’s cheer competition and show everyone around downtown Nashville.

We also snuck Easter in there this month and celebrated with Mike’s family.

The garden is in and doing great! I’m so excited about how much I have planted this year. Now if the weeds and pests will cooperate, that would be great, but I’m not holding my breath. We had a ton of snow over the winter but not really any long, cold snaps to kill everything off.

That’s about all for April. School and sports are wrapping up quickly and I only have another month with Skylar before she heads off to Georgia for the summer to work as a camp counselor.


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