Family Update

March 2022 Update

Started out the month with a fantastic surprise – I won opening night front row tickets to Dear Evan Hansen! Skylar was already going with a friend but, thankfully, Ben was able to come with me. It was a fantastic show. Still can’t figure out how they can cry on demand so many times!

Mike took Skylar rock climbing on an outdoor rock face and she loved it. She still likes climbing in the gym but outside is where it’s at! She went climbing in shorts and then the next week it snowed again. The snow is starting to feel like groundhog’s day.

Mid-month we took the travel trailer and camped near Savage Gulf. We were surprisingly the only RV at Greeter Falls Campground that weekend. It was so nice and peaceful. We hiked 5 waterfalls in 3 days and also did Stone Door. I absolutely loved it! Well, except for the parts where my no-fear family tried to hang of the sides of cliffs and give me mini heart attacks over and over. Ha!


The BFF 2022 garden has started. I’ve got lots of seedlings started and can’t wait to get them into the ground. With the cost of things on the rise, I’m planting very meticulously this year and more than I’ve done in the past. Hoping to keep us fed good this summer! We also discovered that our Easter Egger isn’t a rooster after all!! It only took her a year to start laying but I’ll take it – I was sooooo excited! We have had a big problem with fox lately and until we can trap them (yes, we have a pair) my hens will stay safely tucked in their coops. I need the eggs!

Oh, and Skylar has come up with even more fun crochet critters!


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