Family Update

September 2023 Family Update

September was the official start of fall weather, hockey season, and my new life.

Our divorce was finalized this month. My dad drove up and went to court with me, which was a kind, loving, and supportive gesture that I’ll always remember. Even though I’ve already moved forward in many aspects, having a judge sign off and advocate for me and Skylar was the closure I needed. I was so thankful for the friends and family who reached out in support and sent me flowers, wine, and goodie baskets. There were also some people who showed their true feelings and have since lost every day access to myself and Skylar. It pains me to block people, which probably means I need more therapy but I’ve at least come far enough to recognize when people are unsafe and strong enough to issue consequences instead of putting up with less than we deserve. One important lesson I’ve put into practice this year is issuing boundaries from a place of love rather than anger or bitterness. They are honestly given with hope that I can KEEP people in our lives, not exclude them. Regardless, here’s to new beginnings.

At the end of the month, Troop 934 hosted this year’s Fall Camporee. Skylar was heavily involved in the branding of the event but was also instrumental in helping lead the weekend’s festivities. I watched her lead a meeting with a room full of adults with ease, run an archery range, and emcee the final campfire like a pro. The weekend was tiring but also relaxing. I car camped but I definitley enjoyed being on the lake, hearing crickets, and being able to see the stars at night.┬áSkylar and I also helped one of our fellow scouts complete her Eagle project this month. It involved gardening and power tools so I was all in. As these girls continue to crush their goals, I’m seeing more and more how BSA truly is a leadership program with adventures as a bonus. At her most recent Court of Honor she received several awards and merit badges. She’s well on her way to Eagle scout.

Skylar’s workplace finally opened their cafe space mid-September and we are so excited. If you are local, you have to check out the Roasted Coconut. It’s gorgeous inside and the food is absolutely incredible. I love their soups, salads, and gluten free crepes. Skylar loves their smoothies and acai bowls. Oh, and they have specialty coffees too!

Other fun things this month…

  • Top Golf
  • After Everything Movie Premiere
  • Getting to see my girl Hannah IN PERSON after who knows how many years
  • Taylor Swift Eras Concert Movie Premiere
  • Disney Cards Against Humanity – Wildly Inappropriate. Also, Hilarious!
  • Preds Pre-Season Game

Hockey techincally started back this month so we had a couple of local practices and games. Next month starts the travel portion, which is going to keep us very busy. Stay tuned!

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