Family Update

August 2023 Family Update

Over the summer, I’ve been learning about Human Design and it’s really fascinating. I had a 90-minute reading with a Human Design expert who walked me through my entire chart. I’m still learning how to best implement this tool into my daily life but everything I’ve learned has been spot on so far.

August was HOT but we did make it to the Tomato Art Festival, which was pretty cool. And I spent one night at the Wilson County Fair. I went to both mainly for the food trucks! The rest of the month was mostly spent indoors because the humidity was a certain kind of special and I wasn’t a fan. But it allowed me to finish binging Suits on Netflix and I re-watched all of the Fast & the Furious movies.

Since Skylar was gone most of the summer, I wanted one last hurrah with my girl before she starts classes at Cumberland. We only had around 40 hours on the ground but we made the most of it. Highlights for me were Lincoln Financial Field and getting to see the Eagles play (pre-season) the Browns. I also loooooved Wonderspaces, which is an immersive art exhibit. I get so excited about art you can touch! Philadelphia was super cool. I’d love to go back. I think because it’s an older city it has a lot to offer. There are so many things to do!
✅Osteria Ama
✅Eagles / Lincoln Financial Field
✅Jeni’s x2
✅The Sphere
✅Love Park
✅Fashion District
✅Borse Food Hall
✅Liberty Bell
✅American Jewish History Museum
✅The Book Trader
✅Rittenhouse Square
I was a little nervous about navigating all of the public transit but we did great! We rode it all… train, subway, bus, taxi. I’ve never had to manage that part of our travel before but this trip (just like New Mexico last year) gave me confidence that I can travel solo and figure out new things and be just fine.
This trip was a blast! So thankful for free flights, free hotel, amazing weather, and so many laughs with my favorite human.
We had to fly back at the crack of smack because, well, hockey. *sigh*
Even though Skylar is dual enrolled at Cumberland University this year, I still made pancakes for the first day of classes. It’s a tradition I don’t intend to break anytime soon. She’s settling in pretty well. She’s not thrilled about her English class but she’s not a fan of English in general. After all the hoops we jumped through to get her into the math class, she’s doing great! She’s starting with just 2 classes each semester this year and if that goes well we will try 3 per semester next year.
I’m really proud of how she’s managing her schedule between 2 hockey teams, lacrosse, college classes, work, and scouts. Stay tuned to see how this shakes out once her sports teams start traveling. It’s going to be a busy season!

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