Family Update

October 2018 Family Update

Have I mentioned lately how crazy town my life is these days? This month might have just been the craziest thus far. Sometimes I sleep in a different bed almost every night of the week. And I’ve resorted to just throwing a pile of clothes in the suitcase and praying I have what I need. Bless!

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Mom is doing pretty well. She had her last big chemo treatment on Tuesday. They will do scans again right after Thanksgiving and assess if she needs maintenance doses moving forward. Unfortunately, her breathing hasn’t really improved. But that hasn’t kept us from being productive. We’ve decorated her home for fall, met a sweet new baby, put up pears and peppers, cleaned out her closet, made seashell crafts, quilted, and today she taught me how to make dressing for the holidays. She has a couple hour window most afternoons where she feels pretty good. We just figure out ways for her to participate without walking or standing. I can’t even tell you how thankful I am to have a job that allows me to work whenever I can and from wherever I am.


While it was still warm, I got to go paddleboarding for the first time. My friend Melissa was so gracious to take me out and show me the ropes. I can see why people love it so much! It was particularly relaxing being on the lake and I only fell in once. LOL!


Mike came down mid-month to accompany me to my 20-year high school reunion. I didn’t want to go but Mom was adamant that I should, so I did. I pretty much do whatever she says these days, which is vastly different from high school. Bahaha! It was nice to see and reconnect with people. Still can’t believe it’s been TWENTY YEARS. Oh my!


Skylar and Onyx came back with Mike and stayed for 2 weeks. I was happy to have my girls back. I miss them so much when they are in Nashville. She did go back home for Halloween. Thank goodness we mapped out her costume months ago or it probably wouldn’t have happened. She was the cutest little Dalmation and even made her own “Treats” bag!


Mike has been doing an awesome job of holding down the fort at the BFF and managing Skylar and Onyx when they are home. He even had our driveway redone with 2 fresh loads of gravel. I was so excited to see it when I was home for about 12 hours. LOL! But I’m a huge fan of getting things checked off our list!

gravel driveway


Over the weekend I was at the HempWorx convention in Las Vegas! It was so fun learning about all of our new products and getting training from the best in the industry. And then the craziest thing happened… I. WON. A. CAR.  Not just any car – A Lexus! Not just any Lexus, but a custom-wrapped IS 300! This car is so slick! I’m still in shock. It will be shipped to Nashville next week and we are all so excited about it!



You guys, back in January I claimed this as the #BlessedYearEver. Has it been difficult being away from my family these past 4 months? Of course! But God loves on me in tiny ways every single day. I just have to be mindful to look for them – even on the hard days! But they are there because He is faithful no matter what. We are ALL His favorite – even you! Especially YOU!

I can’t wait to see what these last 2 months of the year hold. Can you believe 2018 is almost over?!?!

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