Family Update

March 2024 Family Update

Hockey season has wrapped for the 2023-2024 season. We spent a final weekend in Jacksonville, FL and my niece, Avery tagged along for the fun. I was also responsible for another player who was traveling solo. I decided to put all the girls in one hotel room together, which gave me a room to myself (genius!). I had such a blast with these girls. We had several spur of the moment adventures like driving to the beach one night with the windows rolled down and music blasting. We almost crashed a wedding and we ate so good the whole weekend. These girls also made friends wherever they went and had some hysterical interactions with the Southwest staff. I’ll say it a million times – the teenage years have been my favorite, hands down and I will always prioritize experiences over things!

The following weekend was the post-season wrap-up party, which was also a lot of fun but this mama and team manager is all too eager for a little break before next season. It’s been nice having my weekends back. Lacrosse season is in full swing with practice and games taking up most of our afternoons and evenings during the week. This sport will wrap up at the end of the month and then we get a little break for summer.

There were also some hard moments for the Bishop girls in March. We had back-to-back days of our cars not starting. I’m still working on getting mine fixed but I think we have hers resolved. She lost her job at the Roasted Coconut where she’s worked for almost 2 years and I have experienced some shifts in my business as well. There’s also some personal things happening with my extended family that is going to take a while to navigate. I’m very familiar with hard seasons but I also know that they don’t last forever and your mindset goes a long way in how you handle it. Plus, I have my incredible support system who encourage me when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Once again, I’m choosing to practice gratefulness and prioritizing peace along with my handy dandy list of happiness triggers to get me through the hard days – like puzzles, plants, and back porch sitting.

Despite the hard, there were still some fun events. Skylar was able to go to the Olivia Rodrigo concert with her friend Jordin. We also saw Bettlejuice at TPAC with Laura & Avery. AND – most importantly – we made it back to DST. The longer days are quite life-giving for me. I’m still playing Pickleball whenever I can and walking the greenway with the dogs to keep myself moving. The added daylight certainly helps!

On Easter weekend, Skylar and I worked on a few projects outside. Even though this is a rental, I want this home to be as lovely and functional as possible. We trimmed all of the shrubs and put down 20 bags of mulch. Next, I fixed the door that had fallen off the shed. Finally, Skylar helped me rehang the gate door to the back yard. These little things make me so happy. Plus, in the process, I found a bird nest with 5 eggs that I’m eagerly awaiting to hatch. Spring is simply the best!




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