Family Update

November 2020 Family Update

I finished my running group. When I first started I could barely run 0.15 miles but, just 6 weeks later, I ran 1.92 miles. Turns out I still don’t like running but I’m still glad I did it and, if she offers the group again next year, I may even do it again. What it did confirm is that I definitely enjoy exercising outside, so I think walking and hiking are still going to be my go-tos. I might bust out a jog every good once in a while.

We still have another month of ice skating lessons but things are going well aside from that one time I fell straight back on my head. Bless it. Despite that big fall, I was back on the ice the very next week. I knew better than to let it scare me off. I don’t know that I’ll continue ice skating regularly but it is a handy and fun skill to have. Skylar is very much looking forward to us all being able to skate together. It has also given me a greater appreciation for her having just learned to skate this year and going straight into hockey. It’s downright impressive!

So, why would I do both of these things if I don’t intend to continue them? I’ve always said I hope that I don’t ever get to a point where I’m not willing to learn something new. It’s good for both my body and brain. I also enjoy setting a goal and seeing it through. There are lots of fears to overcome when you try something new and that’s an excellent exercise for personal growth. The feeling of accomplishment can’t be beat!

Our fall pictures turned out great. Skylar showed up with her hockey gear and Kris went right along with it. This waterfall location was beautiful. Mike said it was his favorite shoot ever, and he HATES family pictures.

Speaking of Mike, he has a new passion project that he’s been working on in the Nashville area. There’s a huge event happening in January but you can follow along and learn more about what he’s doing at (subscribe) and follow along on Facebook for updates.

We popped down to Birmingham for Thanksgiving. It was a quick visit but it did my heart good to see everyone. My Aunt Sheila gifted me this beautiful quilt made from my mom’s shirts and pajama pants. I can’t even tell you how much I love it and how perfect it is. It’s all of mom’s favorite colors and I remember every single square. But I also appreciate that she lined the back with a pattern and color that matches my living rooms so I’m able to keep it out all the time. I snuggle under it almost every morning with my coffee and every evening too!

We did put our tree up a week early this year. I was excited to use our new decorations and we all needed a little extra cheer. Last year Skylar and I found a bunch of decor 70% off at JoAnn’s and we decided on the spot that we would do a woodland theme this year. I think it’s my most favorite tree we’ve ever had. I love the green with natural colors and elements. It was Skylar’s idea and it turned out great!

One last surprise for November, I chopped my hair off. This was my 6th donation (10 inches) and I’m hoping to do it at least one more time. I never really like my hair short but this cut is growing on me. I do miss the teal but I’ll bring it back once my hair gets beyond my shoulders again.


And now we are getting ready for Christmas. It’s one of my most favorite months. So many fun traditions and Skylar loves it even more than I do!


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