Family Update

February 2024 Family Update

February means one thing at our house – Love Note Season. This will be my 9th year of leaving love notes on Skylar’s door every morning and it’s still one of my most favorite traditions.

I finally made it to Zoolumination. The weather had been so rainy in December then snowy and cold in January but the first week of February proved to be tolerable. They changed things up this year, which made it feel like it was brand new all over again. I love this event and I hope they keep doing it for years to come. Skylar didn’t get to to this year but she was off having fun with her friends at the Wilson Central Winter Formal.

Travel hockey continues and we were in Jacksonville, FL this month. We left dreary Nashville for warm and sunny weather. Skylar’s allergies had been acting up before we left and the flight stopped up her ears completely. Despite not being able to hear well, she played great – the whole team did, and I was really proud of them. We had some extra downtime on this trip so it was nice to be able to try some fun restaurants and walk the pier at the beach. This trip happened to fall on Super Bowl weekend and we were all on the edge of our seats at the airport bar and the flight on the way home but the Chiefs pulled it off, again! Her local hockey team did well in the playoffs but ultimately didn’t advance to the final round. However, the last 2 games were some of the most exciting hockey I’ve watched this season and was made even sweeter by Skylar’s fan club.

Valentine’s Day was so sweet this year. My friends and family loved on me so much from near and far. I’m so thankful for how good they are to me. I gave myself a full day of doing things I love and went to bed with a full heart.     The weather has been really lovely so I’ve been able to play pickleball outside several times and meet some new folks at the community center. The dogs and I also discovered the Cedar Creek greenway, which is so peaceful, and has quickly become a favorite spot.


Skylar also had a chance to visit the MTSU airport for the Aviation Merit Badge. She had an opportunity to do a plane inspection, operate the simulator, and speak with individuals who have 3 different jobs within the industry.  This really helped to spark her interest even further into a possible aviation career.

With hockey winding down, lacrosse games are starting up. The girls have really only had a month to practice, which isn’t a lot so we’ll see how this season goes. Being a goalie mom of an underdeveloped team is not for the faint of heart. We have one last hockey travel weekend coming up and then we’ll take a little break – thank goodness! Mama tired.

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