Family Update

July 2023 Family Update

We kicked off July with our annual trip to Birmingham to be with my family for the 4th of July. Skylar even drove over from Georgia to be with us. It was a quick trip so I only got to visit with my Dad’s family but it was fun nonetheless. It was a weekend of 4-wheeler rides, baby snuggles, good food, and a few extras. Faith was in town from TX and since we are the only 2 in the family who like sushi, we had ourselves a sushi lunch date. Dad and I also worked on a garage project and I learned how to do an 8-part braid in the round. That was really cool. Back in Nashville, I found a really fun spot to watch the Fireworks and I can’t wait to go back again next year.

Skylar was home for a few days and then headed to NC for summer camp with her troop. She signed up for the high-adventure trek this year which included white water rafting and a 10-mile backpacking trip. She was a little apprehensive about the last part but said it turned out to be her favorite part of summer camp.

Dad and Mimi ended up in Nashville for work and we had dinner at Darfons together. It was supposed to be just Mimi but Dad tagged along and they surprised me. The next week Brad was in town for work so Whitney and the kids came over to hang out for the day. It’s always good to see family (and to snuggle babies).

This month, I discovered Berries on the Bend and had so much fun at their “pick-your-own” flower farm. I brought home boo-coos of Zinnias and made arrangements for every room in the house. Fresh flowers bring me so much joy! So do puzzles. I have had my eye on this gold leaf feather puzzle for a while and finally decided to get it. It was a fun project to work on while also binging my new favorite show, Suits.


Skylar is now officially dual-enrolled at Cumberland University for fall. She had to take their placement test for math and passed after a couple of tutoring sessions with Ms. Patel. She’s really excited and we went to her favorite restaurant, Persis, to celebrate! She also got a new haircut with some bangs and looks really cute. We did some school supply shopping as we always do but it was a little different since she’ll be in college. Basically, we grabbed a really expensive calculator, a billion pencils, and a couple of notebooks.

Before the summer is over, Skylar headed back to Georgia one last time to see some friends but we are now enjoying a few weeks of calm before school, hockey, and lacrosse all start back.


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