Family Update

April 2021 Update

We celebrated Easter with Mike’s family. I’m a little sad at how fast it suddenly seems to be going by. The cousins are growing up so quickly. We did our annual egg baseball tradition but Skylar also brought along her stick for some hockey egg smash!

We had 2 weeks off from hockey, which was a nice little break and now we are back at it with Spring training at the Ice Barn. Thankfully we have found some families to carpool with so that I’m not driving to Leiper’s Fork 3x a week. We did have an opportunity to go to the Open House of the new Nolensville Ice Arena that will open this summer. This will cut our drive in half! Skylar is very excited about the Nashville Warriors program.

Skylar has also been participating with a lacrosse development program, which is good cardio and hand-eye coordination if you ask me. Both hockey and lacrosse will wrap up next month and she will have the summer to focus on off-season training before things ramp back up in August.

We also attended a Preds game this month. It feels super weird with the low capacity but enjoyable all the same.

We also did a 6-mile hike with her troop this month and she was able to attend camporee at Boxwell. Troop 934 came away with 2nd in the First Aid competition and winners of the Troop Spirit Award. It was a viking-themed weekend and all of the girls had a blast.

Mike had a busy month with tree work. There were lots of Spring jobs but it’s always a dance to work around the weather. We’ve had a ton of rain and wind. We also went ahead and upgraded Mike to a new truck that has much more towing capacity. It was definitely needed for this line of work. We sold Sunny the Jeep but we know the owner and it felt fitting for Sunny to be back in Alabama where she started.

Work was crazy busy for me this month. We had a record-breaking day on 4/20. I personally had over 100 orders come in for the sale so I decided to treat us to a little bonus. I’ve been thinking about an Apple Watch for 2 years and I wish I had gotten one sooner. It’s very handy and I am loving it so far!

The garden is in and doing great and our baby chicks are fully-feathered. We moved them to a big girl coop up close to the house with a heat lamp. Next month they will be free-ranging and eventually make their way out to the back of the property with the bigger hens.

Stay tuned for next month!

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