Family Update

March 2021 Update

Ah, spring! The daffodils are in bloom, the time changes (DST forever!!!), and we hatch chickies. I love it!

This was our first time to ever hatch chicks. A friend gave me an incubator last year and we were able to try it out for the first time this spring. I ordered eggs and successfully hatched 6 live chicks (4 different breeds). It was such a fun process but a decent amount of work. Next year I think I’ll dry the “dry” hatching method or hopefully just have one of our hens set on a nest.

I was hopeful that Grandmaw chicken would be around to raise this new batch of babies but she has crossed over to chicken heaven. She had been with us since the beginning. In fact, I actually drove her from Birmingham to Nashville in the back of my SUV (not recommended). Her original name was “chicken nugget” and simultaneously “the dumb chicken.” Boy did she prove us wrong. She outlived every hen from that original flock.

We found a great deal on 2 new chicken coops and I’m excited to start using those. Our other coop lasted 4 years but we were in need of an upgrade. I’m hoping to tinker on the old coop and let it become the nursery for new chicks each year.

Skylar and I flew to Cleveland at the end of the month for her last hockey tournament of the season. Since this was not a USA Hockey tournament she was able to play and she had a great time. We also celebrated Mike’s 41st birthday this month by going to a Pred’s game. I guess we are just all hockey all the time now. Bless. We do have a 2-week break before Spring Training Camp starts and I am very much looking forward to that.


Just a short and sweet update this month!

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