Family Update

May 2021 Update

We just wrapped up Spring Training with hockey and I’m excited to have a little break for a month or so. I say that, but we are doing a 3v3 on Mondays through July. Skylar also has some off-ice training she wants to do and she also plans to complete referee training. I’m quickly learning that hockey is a year-round sport. She also completed her concussion certification as well as a coaching class from the University of Florida. She’s been a busy bee!

We wrapped up school although I still need to enter grades and register for next year. It’s so exciting (and a little scary) that we are entering high school territory. She will be doing tutorial at Legacy this fall. We’ll see how that goes. I kinda have a feeling I may pull her from a few classes. I’m still navigating how to merry unschooling and high school credits. She also wants to dual enroll her junior year so I need to make sure she’s ready for that. There’s suddenly a little more on the line with high school. As always, she’s still busy learning and has even mastered the Rubik’s Cube.

The garden is off to a great start this year and I’m excited about everything growing. It gets bigger and better every year. Our little chicks have gotten pretty big and they are now out in their own coop away from the heat lamp. They’ve been doing pretty good at free-ranging. Although, we did lose one of our “Heathers” to something – we think an owl. In other farm-related news, we decided to go ahead and have Onyx spayed this month. It was a really tough choice but we did it and she recovered well with her favorite nurse by her side.

In BFF news, we had Hometown out to run electricity to our garage, which is something we’ve been wanting to do since we had the garage built 3 years ago. I also had them add a couple of plugs inside the house including my laundry room office, which is also getting an upgrade. I’ve added wallpaper and collapsing desks.

I had another doula client deliver right before the end of the month. As taxing as doula work can be, I also love it. Even when it means I’m awake for 38 hours. After 6 hours of sleep I caffeinated and grabbed Skylar and Avery and us girls headed to PCB for Memorial Day weekend. Let me just say that vacationing with teenagers is SO MUCH BETTER than traveling with littles. I’m loving this new season of life. They are also pretty funny too!



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