Family Update

May 2022 Family Update

May was count down month so we tried to squeeze in some fun!

First, our nephew (Caleb) graduated from Stewart’s Creek and we had several festivities for him.

We also celebrated Mother’s Day with Mike’s family. Mike’s mom made me this gorgeous blanket and I absolutely adore it. Funny thing is, I’ve watched her work on it and admired each beautiful row for the last year but had NO IDEA it was for me. It was such a fun surprise and something I will cherish forever!

Skylar has been counting down her return to Camp Rainey Mountain since last summer but I ignored it until now. Yes, she really is going to be away for the entire summer! It’s sinking in now. It may have been the haircut that finally made it feel real.

Spring hockey wrapped up early in the month and, with the price of gas right now, I’m not mad that we get a break from driving all over Nashville for practices. Skylar had several scout meetings and a campout plus we also squeezed in the Downton Abbey premiere and a visit to the Van Gogh Immersive exhibit. Several family members also took her to lunch to say goodbye before she left. It was a fun count down, I’ll say that.


We left at the crack of smack on a Saturday morning in order to arrive in time for check in at 1 pm. CRM is about 5 hours from home. She was so excited and happy to reconnect with her friends! I stuck around for the parent meeting and then she shewed me away. Ha!


I stayed at my favorite AirBnB there in Clayton, GA. It has it’s own private waterfall and y’all know I’m a sucker for moving water. It’s so peaceful and exactly what I needed to calm my nervous system after dropping her off. I also took myself to dinner at the Raburn Hotel Restaurant, which was fantastic!

Back at home, it is awful quiet without her here but I’m adjusting and so are the dogs. I’ve been staying busy with lots of home projects. More on that later! But I do read my sticky notes she left for me every day. Miss that booger!

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