Family Update

May 2019 Family Update

Mike and I kicked off the month with our trip to NYC to celebrate my 4th rank promotion at work. Neither of us had never been and we had so much fun exploring the city and, of course, eating all the food. Best of all, we crossed 2 more states off our bucket list. Highlights for me included Sadelle’s, Katz’s Deli, Rubirosas, Empire State Building, and a Catacomb Tour. You can read about the entire trip here and see my top picks for where to stay, what to eat, and things to do.

The following week, our dear friends from Texas came and stayed with us at the BFF. It was such a sweet, laid back visit and I’m so thankful they came.

Our baby chicks are doing well and they have officially moved out to the coop. We will attempt to start free ranging them sometime next month. If all goes well, we should start seeing eggs by October. Gosh, that’s a long time to wait but it will be worth it.

Mike & Skylar headed off to Linden, TN for a 7-mile canoe trip down the Buffalo River with her Scout troop. She enjoyed it and is looking forward to doing another one. She is still absolutely loving her troop and is pumped about Summer Camp. If you have a daughter aged 12+ who might be interested, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with questions. We meet on North Mount Juliet Rd. (just 2 minutes off the interstate) on Tuesday nights.

I did 2 special things for myself this month and they have been wonderful. For starters, I hired someone to deep clean our house and it looks amazing! She’ll be back next month to clean again but I’m seriously considering having her every 2 weeks. I also hired a college freshman, to come hang out with Skylar every Tuesday. She takes her to do fun things around Nashville and I get 6 glorious hours alone to dedicate to work. Skylar adores Jaycee, and the feeling seems mutual, so I think this is going to be a good fit. I’m secretly hoping she’ll stay on even once school starts back. If I do say so, these are 2 of the best ideas I’ve had in a long time!

We finished up school the Friday before Memorial Day, as planned. Considering how crazy this year has been with our late start and time spent in Alabama, I’m still not quite sure how we pulled off 180 days but we did it!

At the end of the month, the 3 of us headed back to Alabama for my cousin Coe’s wedding, which we have been anticipating and looking forward to for months. She got married out near the pond at our Uncle Fletcher’s house with the reception in the barn. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to even though it was a solid 95 degrees that day.

Mom is doing well. She’s regained a lot of strength after her hospital stay in February and is really stable right now. Other than needing large amounts of oxygen 24/7, she looks really good. She just keeps blowing past every timeline they give her and always finds something new to hang on for. At the moment, the hygienist is coming out in her and she’s eager to see Skylar get her braces off.

We also have exciting news! Onyx is expecting puppies due the 2nd week of June. She went to the breeder back in April but I was convinced she wasn’t pregnant. Lo and behold she is and we were able to detect puppy heartbeats with the doppler – so fun!

So, stay tuned for that as well as our 3rd annual summer solstice party at the BFF!

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