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New Year’s Day Superstitions

On New Year’s Day I follow certain “rules.” Some call them superstitions. I don’t know that I’m extremely superstitious but my MeMaw is who got me started with these. Growing up, she would remind us of these year after year. I’m a creature of habit and once I start with a tradition, I usually stick with it.

So, here are the the superstitions we will be observing (and have always followed) on New Year’s Day.
  1. A dark-haired man must be the first to enter your door.
  2. No washing dishes or laundry or taking out of the trash.
  3. Eat something green (money).
  4. Eat black-eyed peas and leave a few on your plate (luck).
The first one is a bit tricky but we usually manage by sending Mike (my dark-haired hubby) out the garage or back door so that he can walk around and knock on the front door. hehe. Number two is clearly my favorite for obvious reasons. Supposedly this is to keep you from “washing” someone out of your family. In order to accomplish 3 & 4 we created a new tradition for our own little family. Since Mike and I got married, we have always eaten at Cracker Barrel on New Year’s Day. Best of all, they serve black-eyed peas FREE with every meal on this particular day!
Just to prove that I’m not completely crazy, here’s a list of some other superstitions.
Do you follow any New Year’s Day superstitions or traditions?


  • Michelle Wilson

    We always eat black-eyed peas and greens on NY Day as well. My grandfather always said we should put a silver dime (apparently it has to be a really old dime because new dimes are not made of silver) in the pot with the black-eyed peas, and whoever got the dime would prosper that year. I haven't heard about the dark headed man and the other stuff, though!

  • Sonya

    I broke several of these rules this NY Day. I ate the peas and cabbage and I left some on my plate. I did some laundry but did not take out the trash. The dark haired man did come thru my front door. So call me a rebel but I just couldn't help myself.

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