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Resolution #6: Family Dinner

We used to be in a really good habit of having dinner together at the table but we’ve gotten lax about it. When my hubby gets home from a long day at work he just wants to chill, which is usually on the couch in front of the TV. Not my preferred eating spot but sometimes I just go with it.

I’ve read several books and lots of statistics that discuss the benefits of eating together as a family. Even a quick Google search on the topic reveals these results. Basically, there is an overwhelming amount of data to show that eating as a family (sans the TV) is good for you. It breeds healthier, happier and smarter kids. Who doesn’t want one of those?
Mike and I have talked about this and we want to get back in the habit. With The Little Girl now in school all day, this provides us an opportunity for me and dad to hear about her day. It’s also a chance for us all to be together, which is hard to come by sometimes. If we want to work on her table manners and restaurant behavior, there is no better place to start than At. The. Table.
That’s why eating dinner together is #6 on my 2011 New Year’s Resolutions.

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  • AprilE

    One of the things we agreed on before we got married was that we would eat dinner around the table together 5 nights of the week. I kept up and last year we averaged 5.6 times a week (now, granted, I did include the one night a week we eat at my parents, and the one night a week we eat with hubby's parents). It's one of the accomplishments as a family that I am most proud of!

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