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Snow Day Fun (with Pics)

Despite my feelings that snow is not worth the trouble, me and The Little Girl had a rather fun time this afternoon.
First, we had to gather our supplies. She chose a bowl, a scoop, her earth ball and Blueberry the dinosaur. Notice the Ziplock-wrapped hands?
She built a snow house for Blueberry using her scoop.

FYI: My new rain boots did made the yucky weather a bit better. How could they not?
This photo was taken somewhere in the middle of our snowball fight.
The rest of the afternoon was spent constructing this fancy, schmancy snowman.

Now, either I haven’t been in the snow enough (which is very possible) or I’ve never had the “right” kind of snow but I had no idea that you could actually “roll” a snowball and get it to form the really BIG snowballs. I was rather impressed. And so proud of our snowman.

Overall it was a very nice and fun afternoon. We may just get out and do it again tomorrow. 😉

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