November 2012 in Pictures

Don’t forget to read our November 2012 Update.

 She learned to draw a star.
 Riding 4-wheelers with K-Diddy.
 This is my girl! Love her style and her spunk!
Holiday lunch at Stanford.
 Rock Climbing with The Cousins
 Hike to Laurel Falls
 Hot Tub!!
 We rode the Skylift and I didn’t die! 🙂
 Skylar & Avery
 Happy Thanksgiving from The Bishops!
 Cade’s Cove. Now officially checked off my list.
 How can you not just love this kid? She’s a mess. This is her new “pose” for pictures. LOL!
 Me and my mini me. 
 You don’t want to mess with us. Trust me. 
Reading The Christmas Story and acting it out with her Little People. Makes a mamma proud. 

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