Meet tLG

Maybe you are new to my blog. Maybe we are new friends, especially in the Facebook world. So, you are probably wondering…. “Who or what is tLG? What does that stand for? What does it mean?”

tLG is my daughter, Skylar.

It’s a long story. Well, not really. It’s a nickname that was developed out of pure laziness and a tiny bit of protective mothering on my part. The short version is that tLG stands for “the Little Girl” and I simply got tired of typing out all those letters. Besides, Twitter only gives you so many characters. I needed something quick and easy. And because I was blogging I wanted something that would protect her identity. I still frequently use her real name when blogging so that motivation is kind of obsolete at this point. Therefore, the true motivation really was a result of my laziness. Thus, tLG was created.

When Skylar was born, we frequently referred to her as Baby Girl and if I was texting with someone or Yahoo instant messaging (remember that – wow!) I would frequently abbreviate with BG. For example…..

  • BG has been crazy fussy today.
  • Up all night with BG. She’s quite the party animal. 
  • Seriously, how many poopy diapers can BG have in one day?!

For the record, BG was a high-maintenance baby, but I think you get the point of the abbreviating.

Well, Baby Girl grew up and she wasn’t a baby any more much to my protest. She talked very early and we had full on conversations about me wanting her to always be my baby. She was having none of that. Around age 3, she finally agreed to stay little forever. I kid you not, I seriously talked her into it. Apparently, that was more appealing than being my baby. Being a “big girl” was, well, a big deal. Granted, she continues to grow but I still remember that conversation fondly.

With the baby years firmly behind us, I began to refer to her as Little Girl. I should note here that when we pronounce little girl, it’s kind of comes out with a southern-ghetto feel. Mike and I adore the Madea movies so the following clip may help you get an idea of how this rolls off my tongue. You only have to make it about 38 seconds in before you hear her say “lil’ gurl”.

I threw around Missy Prissy a couple of times but Little Girl is what stuck and then tLG just kind of stuck. I specifically leave the “t” for “the” lowercase because it’s not technically part of her nickname. I truly have no idea why I refer to her in a third-person kind of way. I’m just quirky like that. Here’s the first post I ever made using my abbreviation.

The problem is that most of my “virtual” friends have come to know her as tLG and call her T-L-G. I think it’s catchy! Sometimes they even call her T-L-G to her face. Except that she has NO IDEA what they are talking about. LOL! She is clueless that she has an “online” name. She knows that I call her Little Girl but she hasn’t made the connection that tLG is an abbreviation of her name. It cracks me up!

It’s happened several times that someone has asked, “Does your mom call you, T-L-G?” and she gives an adamant “NO!” with a dumbfounded look as to why they would even ask such ridiculousness. She’s a mess, ya’ll! Oh how I love her so.

But it is what it is and she is tLG whether she realizes it or not.

…and now you know. 🙂

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