Part 6 – It’s Easier Than What We Are Doing Now

Just jumping in? You’ve got some catching up to do. 

Basically the thought of homeschooling with our crazy schedule scares the bejeezus out of me and there is no backup plan if we fail. If we pull her out of her current school, I can’t just send her back if it doesn’t work out. In order to be a student at Stanford, you have to apply through a lottery system. It happens once a year and the 2014 deadline has already passed. Besides, it’s darn near impossible to get in unless you come as a preschooler. Last year over 1000 applied with only 60 spots available. I called the Metro school options office and drilled them six ways to Sunday to try to find a loop hole. It’s quite possible that I asked every “hypothetical” scenario known to man, to no avail. Unfortunately for us, they’ve got that little lottery system locked up pretty tight. So, there is no plan B. If we do this, it’s homeschool or bust!

I have a laundry list of fears about starting homeschool but I’ve pretty much decided the following answer to every single concern: It’s got to be easier than what we are doing now. 

I’m not naive in thinking this adventure will be a piece of cake to navigate. However, when I consider the amount of time I spend packing lunch, driving to and from school (twice), sitting in the car line (twice), checking the folder, and fighting through busy work (AKA homework), it adds up to quite a chunk of time in my day. Then there is the fiasco of trying to get grumpalumpagus to complete a task, any task, in a reasonable amount of time, so that’s a big waste as well. I’m using up a ridiculous amount of time trying to undo negative behaviors, thoughts, and attitudes that she has learned at school. I’m so over it!

My hope is that by having her home I can put in the effort not only to teach her brain but capture her heart and streamline our life. If I now have an opportunity to teach her life skills then, hopefully, she will become more of a help than a hindrance. Sure, it will take time but, again, it’s got to be easier that what we are doing now. Plus, I won’t have the interruption right in the middle of my day to stop and do my taxi service to and from school. That alone will be huge, I think.

Some of my concerns won’t get addressed until we try it out. I’m certain it will take us some time to find our groove. If I end up sticking her in front of the TV for large chunks of time so I can work, so what? That’s the beauty of parenting. You get to figure out what works for your family and go with it. As for the challenges that haven’t even dawned on me yet…. well, that’s what prayer is for. And grace. I’m sure I’m going to be needing a running supply of new mercies for a while.

Some of you are very curious why I’m choosing to pull her out in the middle of the school year. There is a method to my madness, I promise. It’s actually a very strategic move that I will explain in part 7.

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