Grumpy Growth Spurt

My girl got off to a dilly dally start this morning. I was kinda with her. Hubby left early for work so I’ve been up early too.
Very quickly I realized that this day was not off to a good start. She was weepy and easily frustrated. She was also tired and starving and having pains in her legs. Hellloooooo growth spurt!

So we took a break and had some snacks and she spent quite a bit of time snuggled in my lap. We eventually powered through all of her lessons and had lunch. It was fine. Really. The day is looking up.

But it made me wonder….

How many times has she gone through a growth spurt and I didn’t even notice because she was at school? 

How many times was she starving but I didn’t know because I generally packed the same amount of food in her lunch box every day? 

How many times did she have to power through school being exhausted because of these pesky little growth spurts? 

Sometimes a kiddo just needs to curl up into a nest of stuffed animals to feel better. 😉

Today I’m thankful for the snuggles I got to give and receive. I’m also thankful that our new schooling set up allows me to be much more in tune with my daughter’s needs so that I can recognize, respond and comfort in a much quicker fashion.

I’ll go ahead and add that little perk to my ever growing “benefits of homeschool” list.

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