Homeschool Birthday

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We didn’t do homeschool today. Why? Because tLG turned SEVEN today. And because we can. 😉 This is quite possibly my favorite perk of homeschool.

I have a habit of not making birthdays very special and I’m trying to change that. My birthday is in December right next to the hustle and bustle of Christmas. It gets lost in the mix and that’s totally okay, really. However, because I’m so used to my birthday being under celebrated I just have never really gotten into the habit of making other people’s birthdays important either. In fact, I’m not even really a fan of birthday parties. I honestly don’t get the point. I’m constantly late on sending cards or forgetting to call or text at all on your special day. Birthdays are just another day to me. It’s lame, I know. The moral of the story is, if Staci forgets your birthday, don’t take it personally. :/

I realize I’ve been doing the same thing to my girl. Birthdays are a lackluster affair around here. Last year I even managed to talk her out of wanting a birthday party altogether. I offered her a party at the place of her choice or an iPod touch, and I sold the later option pretty hard. Yes, bribery. I should be saving for her future counseling sessions now.

As you know, I have a thing for numbers and SEVEN is a pretty important one, so I wanted to make this birthday special in general. I agreed to the party and we are looking forward to a science-themed celebration complete with 7 funky experiments. We will have cake, ice cream, friends, balloons, goody bags… the whole nine yards. Go, me!

Today is her actual birthDAY and I wanted to make that special too, so I declared it a school-free day! Another perk of homeschool is that I actually got to be with my girl on her birthday. We even shared this special moment at the exact time of her birth! How cool is that?!

Typically, I have to drag her out of bed and send her to school. Sure, we take goodies to her class and do her “Walk Around the Sun” Montessori celebration but the whole deal only takes about 30 minutes. And making treats and goody bags for 20 kids is not my favorite activity.
Her 7th birthday went a little different. She woke up on her own and I was able to snuggle her in bed for a few moments to wish her a happy birthday. A few days ago she mentioned bagels and cream cheese being her favorite so we shared a leisurely breakfast over her requested items. Mike was home this morning so she was able to hang out with him while I did some work. Then, Grandma treated us to lunch at Rainforest Cafe.
After lunch, we also did a little birthday shopping around the mall. Y’all, the mall is super quiet during the day. It was awesome! Only one person, our fave Build-A-Bear employee, asked why she wasn’t in school today. I figured she would have responded with “it’s my birthday.” Nope. She gave a big ole grin and didn’t hesitate to state “I’m homeschooled.” Jen smiled back and said, “that explains it!” It was a good day. A special day. A birthday to be celebrated.
Happy Birthday tLG! I was so happy to spend today with you and I can.not.wait to see what this year will hold for you. SEVEN is super special!

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