Homeschool Day 2

Today it actually took FOUR hours to complete Easy Peasy Homeschool. That’s longer than yesterday. Oh boy!

There are a couple of things at play here that I think will shake out over time. 
1. tLG is still fascinated by all of the new things in our homeschool room. She’s easily distracted by stuff to look at. I’m glad she’s eager to explore all of our new stuff. 
2. Homeschool is giving her ideas. She does one assignment and that gives her an idea of something else we should do. Which is great! That’s kinda the point. 
3. She has classmates that seem to always need to be snuggled or take a nap or need a new book to read. Yes, this could be considered an unwelcome distraction but, as I said yesterday, she’s using her imagination. This makes me happy!
4. This is not Montessori. All the instructions are given via the computer screen and that’s a big adjustment for her. It seems to be difficult for her to remember to come back to the main page for her next assignment. A lot of our lag time is after she completes a task but before I redirect her back to get her next assignment. I knew this was going to be an issue going in so we are just working our way through it. No big deal. 
5. She’s looking for reassurance.  She’s so happy to be homeschooled and she wants to make sure I’m happy to. I can see that she’s trying to please me with her work and she wants to be right next to me so I can affirm that she’s doing something correctly. She also requests random hugs and kisses and returns them equally as often. Bless it!
A few interesting tidbits from today. Metro started back today so I asked her…
Me: Did you miss seeing your friends today?
tLG: Noooooo. I don’t have any friends. 
Me: Oh, well did you miss your teacher or Ms. Dillehay (principal)?
tLG: Well, I may have missed Ms. Dillehay a little bit. 
All of the above makes me sad. 1) She thinks she has no friends at school and 2) that she would miss her principal more than anybody. Ms. D has really been fantastic! 
It was kind of weird to not drive to school this morning or pack a lunch. And when I got the automated call that my child was absent from school, I kinda felt like I was in trouble. We haven’t officially withdrawn yet. I’m waiting to bite that bullet until the last possible second. Eek!
During the last semester we picked up two other little girls in the afternoons a few days a week. Today was my last day to get them so Skylar went with me and we sat in the car line together. 
tLG: Did you have to do this EVERY day?
Me: Yep!
tLG: Well now I know how goldfish feels.
Lol! Yes, they are kinda similar and that’s certainly a daily task that I won’t miss. 
Our favorite assignment for today was this science lesson where she had to reach in a bag and identify objects by how they feel and then we had to determine if they were biotic or abiotic. It’s possible that I learned some new vocabulary today too. 😉
Tonight at dinner, tLG tried something new. It had spinach in it. I thought for sure that she would put up a fight. She ate everything I gave her. This was HUGE! Usually by dinner time she is too grumpy and exhausted to try anything and she just whines and cries and makes everyone’s dinner miserable. Not tonight. Y’all, my girl is coming back to me, already. THIS is why we homeschool. 

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  • Nicole Nix Gaumond

    To get her to remember steps for the computer take pictures of the screen and print them out to make a visual checksheet. For example, pic that represents a typical activity, then back to home page, then another activity etc. If you laminate them u can even write titles of the daily activities or she can check them off as she completes. Keep it up your doing great

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