I Love My Teacher

Today, this little gem showed up on my desk. It melted my heart. I know she loves me, but now she loves me in a new way, as her teacher.

As you can see, it was marked “Top Secret.” From Day 1 she has told me how much she loves homeschool, which is great! The only problem is, she’s afraid to tell anyone else. She thinks that she’s going to get in trouble if someone from her school finds out. Almost all of her praise comes with a disclaimer (don’t tell any teachers, top secret, ect). If someone asks us about homeschool while we are out in public, she usually responds with a shy or timid, “it’s good.” If you know tLG, being bashful is not her norm.

I think this fear will work itself out over time. For now, I’m just going to cling to this special little piece of paper. I may even frame it!

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