Engineering for Kids

After tLG received her green belt, she decided she was done with TKD. Yes, I know I have that rule about sticking things out and not quitting, but I was never 100% on the whole karate thing anyway. Knowing that we were potentially going to homeschool, I was eagerly trying to find an extra-curricular activity that she could participate in. For socialization, of course. 😉

She had been big into building things and constructing something from nothing for a few weeks. At the same time there was a viral video going around encouraging girls to become engineers. I didn’t buy their product but it led to me to type “engineering class for kids” into my Google search bar. I was thrilled to find out that such a class did, in fact, exist and found several class opportunities around Nashville including one just a few miles from our house. So, I promptly signed her up for two 6-week courses with Engineering for Kids

She’s currently in week 4 of Mechanical Engineering. So far they have studied wind & sails, momentum & roller coasters, trajectory & catapults, and speed with race cars. She’s always excited to go to this class and really enjoys the hands-on aspect. She’s currently the only girl in the class, which is not surprising, but she could care less.

Here’s a quick video of her catapult she made last week. 

The next session is Aerospace Engineering and she’s pumped about that! We’ve liked it so much, that I’ve already signed her up for a week of their summer camp. I think this is a great supplement to our homeschool curriculum plus it’s something that she enjoys. EFK is nationwide so I would encourage you to check out class options in your area. 


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