P.E. on a Sunny Winter Day

It’s no secret that I loathe winter and embrace summer. When I say loathe, I mean barely speak it’s name.  Today was one of those days where I just flat out ignored Old Man Winter.

We’ve had some miserable stretches of cold over the last 6 weeks. Some days were just #StupidCold. For the first time, in I couldn’t tell you when, we made it above freezing and… wait for it… into the 40’s!!! After hitting a low of 1 degree a few weeks ago, today practically felt like Summer outside. Well, you know, all things considered.

It was bright and warm (enough) so me and my girl BASKED in the sun. We broke out the bubbles and sidewalk chalk and went about about our merry way like it was any other summer day.

tLG chased bubbles for quite a while. Then, we moved on to hop scotch. All that jumping surely counts as P.E., yes? Indeed. And it was glorious!

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