Conference Recap Day 3 #hsttd

Man! I woke up tired on the last day. My brain was overloaded with awesome information. Taking that all in and trying to process it is hard work.

Interestingly enough, my first session was with Jan Bedell, AKA the Brian Coach, from Little Giant Steps. She helped us to learn how the brain develops from the bottom up and the reason that certain milestones are crossed at different times for children. Her strategies for neurodevelopment can help any child unlock learning potential.
“You MUST build a strong foundation in the brain!” 
– Jan Bedell

She listed several symptoms of auditory processing disorder, which affects short-term memory. I’m wondering if this is an underlying problem for both my daughter and my husband. Hmmm…. Overall I left with 3 keys for learning.

  • High frequency  |  present the concept often
  • Strong intensity  |  teach in a way that makes an impact for your child
  • Short duration  |  only input for a few seconds to a few minutes
Up next was a presentation on raising character-healthy children by Megan Scheibner. I wrote down more quotes in this session than any other I’ve been too.  Her statements reminded me that teaching character starts with the parents. We must model good attitudes, obedience, perseverance, thankfulness, excitement, thankfulness, ect. Character must be lived out. It can’t be taught from a workbook. Ultimately, I was encouraged to teach character first and academics second.
“Expectations are different than standards. Expectations destroy relationship and peace is directly tied to expectations.” 
– Megan Scheibner
After a lunch break with my girl, I popped into Rhea Perry’s session on projects that can generate income. WOW! She wins the award for most excited speaker. She can talk a mile a minute so I felt like we got 2 hours worth of information crammed into one.  She’s an idea generator and she had many, MANY great suggestions of ways to become a business owner.
If you think you can… YOU CAN! 
– Rhea Perry
In the afternoon, I sat in to hear Crystal Paine (MoneySaving Mom) share the benefits of chores and how to help our kids enjoy them.  Again, this is something that must be modeled first and I was reminded to invest the time to really train my child how to perform certain tasks. Through this process I can basically work myself out of a job. Praise is key! I’m also excited to try out a new app, Chore Monster (it’s FREE).

Overall, it’s been a great 3 days! I’ve been motivated in some very good ways. The hard part is taking back what I’ve learned and putting it into practice and not getting discouraged when things don’t work out like I’ve planned in my mind. The good thing is, this conference is coming back to Nashville again next year. Yay! Mark your calendar now. 😉


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