Homeschool Lessons with Colored Paper

After attending the session with This Reading Mama at TTD Day #1 I came away with several great ideas and asked my mother-in-law to be on the lookout for deals on sticky notes or notepaper. She got us this awesome block of note paper from Staples and I’ve already put it to good use.

First up was an I’m Bored Basket. I went through the house and wrote down every possible thing that could be played with or done to provide entertainment. Now, when I hear “I’m bored” guess who gets to draw out a square of paper and complete that activity.

I also cut the squares into strips and wrote down lots of nouns that we can use for our English lessons. I used this list to help me get started. So far we have used them in a variety of different ways.

a vs. an – In this lesson she had to sort whether she should use “a” or “an” before the word.

nouns – In this lesson she had to sort whether it was a person, place or thing. Then we turned it into a math lesson where she created a tally chart of her findings.

alphabetize – This one is kind of self explanatory.

I love that there are so many colors to this block of note paper! I think next we are moving to verbs and it will be great to have those in a new color to show the difference between the parts of speech.

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