January 2016 in Pictures

Be sure to check out our January 2016 monthly update for details. 
New Year’s Day Tradition at Cracker Barrel 
Don’t be deceived by his cuteness. 
He now weighs over 30 pounds and he’s only 3-1/2 months old. 
Should have named him Hoss. 
 Those brown eyes OWN me.  
 Party People
Crazy Party People
Ready to Ride
 She loves her new Zip-It Bedding and quilt from Zulily
Took my handgun class this month and scored a 100 on both the written test and the shooting assessment. 
 Winter. #stupidcold
Icy conditions were no match for the Jeep and 4WD. 
One week later it was 70 degrees and we were at the dog park. 
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