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January 2016 Update

In case you missed it, don’t forget to check out my 2015 Year In Review where I catalog my most treasured memories from the previous year.

Welcome 2016!

This year is off to a pretty good start. We are back into the groove of homeschool after our holiday break. We did take off 2 days for the big Snowpocalypse last week. Otherwise, when it’s super cold, we homeschool snuggled in bed. 
I can’t remember Nashville ever getting this much snow (6-8 inches). It stuck around for a while too. Skylar enjoyed making a snowman, sledding, and playing in the neighborhood with her friends. I took my job of making hot chocolate very seriously along with keeping the dryer running constantly so that tLG would have warm, dry clothes to play in each time she went out.
Baron was also a fan of the snow. It was funny to see him running and jumping in it. He would lay down in it or bury his head in it. He also loved chasing Skylar down the hill on the sled. As you can see, me and this dog are polar opposites so I’m still not high on his fan list. I would tell you that he seemed to turn a corner about a week ago (12 weeks old) and gained a tiny amount of an attention span. But, every time I even remotely develop a fondness for this dog, he finds a new way for me to hate him (like the time he ate my brand new charger and then ate another brand new charger the very next day). So, it’s probably best that I don’t brag on him. 
Last year, Mike bought a Jeep and I have never been so thankful for that vehicle until this deep snow. I was scheduled to work an overnight postpartum shift and the good ole 4WD got me there and back with zero problems. I was driving on straight ice and not afraid at all. It was great! Also, have I mentioned lately how much I love being a doula? I’m working with one family that has twins and staying with them is a definitely a bright spot in my week. 
We also celebrated Skylar’s 9th birthday this month. Be sure to check out her Age 8 video. I can’t believe how fast it’s going by. Never have been a fan of this growing up business. 
After reading For The Love last year, I decided that birthday parties are #OffTheBeam. They just exhaust me. Researching them – planning them – going to them – the whole 9 yards. So this year, we just did a birthday ‘outing’. I didn’t send formal invitations. We didn’t invite everybody and their brother. I didn’t rent the party room. I didn’t decorate the house. I didn’t order a special cake. I didn’t do goody bags for the kids. I didn’t even look at Pinterest. We simply texted a few of Skylar’s friends, took them to Jump Street, came home and had GiGi’s cupcakes. The end. It was lovely and my kiddo was just as tickled. This, I can do. 
Upward basketball season has also started. We have Coach Annette again, who we love! Mike is also helping coach her team, which has been fun. Skylar made it her New Year’s Resolution to “win one basketball game this year.” We just finished our 3rd game and they haven’t won yet but her team has improved a TON in just a few weeks. I’m so proud of them and I’m praying she meets her goal. I made 3 resolutions this year
This past weekend was near 70 degrees and sunny and I can’t even explain how good this was for my soul. I was downright giddy. We visited the dog park for the first time and it was a win-win. I just loved being outside with my people and I hope to do it again and again.

That about wraps up January. See you next month! More Jan pictures here

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