March 2016 in Pictures

Don’t miss the full March update.
 At our monthly Lego & Starbucks date. 
 Skylar had a great visit at the dentist this month and it inspired some creative play at home. I was the first patient at Skyford Dentistry. 
A girl and her dog.  
 Baron stole a bag of spinach off the counter. Grrr…
 Welcome back DST! 
 My little #redneckgarden has already grown a ton of cilantro!
This is what happens when a girl and her K-Diddy wear me down for years. A 9-year-old gets a phone.  
At the Teach Them Diligently conference. 
Waiting to hear Kirk Cameron speak. He was awesome! 
Playfoam. So fun! 
 At the TDF Easter Egg Hunt with our neighbor. 
The cousins on Easter.  
Hanging with some of my Bama peeps. 
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