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July 2016 Update

A lot happened this month, as is typical for us in summer!

For starters, Baron went back to the breeder. This actually proved to be a very difficult choice but he just didn’t mesh well with our family, lifestyle, and environment. I hate that it took us so long to come to this conclusion but it really is the best decision for all of us. Knowing his personality, the breeder is working to find a family that will be a much better fit for him. He has a pedigree for a strong working line (his litter mate is a police dog) and what we needed was a laid-back family pet. In the end, I think we all learned a lot from this situation.

Skylar and I spent 4th of July in Birmingham with my Dad as is our usual tradition. A few years ago, he let us off the hook for Thanksgiving and Christmas and asked if July 4th could be his holiday, which I thought was fantastic! We had a blast this year. There was a bonfire to welcome us, several 4-wheeler rides, trips to the creek, lightening bug hunting, fireworks, bubbles, and more! More July pics here.

Skylar stayed the rest of the week for Grandparent Camp and was able to get in some time with my mom, along with aunts, uncles, cousins, and more! I think she would have stayed another week if I would’ve let her.

While she was away, I completed my CPR and First Aid training! So glad to have that checked off my list. I also hit a weight loss goal this month. I’ve lost 15 pounds eating the yummiest food ever. And y’all know I only eat good food. The more I eat, the more I loose. Seriously. It’s fantastic!

On one of the hottest days in July me and my best travel bestie traipsed our kiddos (and a few other kids too) all around Nashville for a mural tour. It was so much fun and the pics turned out great! I spent so much time and effort making our plan, that I decided to share. Check out the family-friendly Nashville mural map & plan.

After a busy month of travels and work, I was so thankful just to have a day just with my little family. We ventured down to Foster Falls for some hiking and swimming. It was pretty cool! 
Skylar was also able to go to Grow Enrichment camp the last week of July and had a blast. She came home telling me so many fun facts that she learned each day. They really have a great curriculum and method for making the information memorable. 

This weekend we snuck away for a little girl’s trip. It was just what we needed to rest and recharge before barreling into August and getting ready to start back to school. We are so thankful for our friends and the time away.

Speaking of school, we are going to ease back in starting August 5th. Check out our 4th grade curriculum selections. I’m so excited!

More July 2016 pics here, and there are a bunch of them!

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