Family Update

November 2019 Family Update

November… soooo many field trips this month!

  • Wilson County Jail
  • The Hermitage – Archaeology
  • TPAC – Rosa Parks “Walk On”
  • Hamiltunes Sing-a-long
  • University of Scouting
  • Shelby Bottoms Nature Center
  • Dancing Lights of Christmas

I love that unschooling enables us to pick and choose activities that interest my girl. I’m a firm believer that true learning comes through doing. Yes, you can absolutely learn from books but it’s the “doing” part that makes it stick. It’s so neat that we get to do real-life, hands-on activities for her middle school education. Our co-op has ended for the semester and will start back up in January. This past semester she enjoyed drama, drawing, and logic classes. She has a current interest in French and we are learning together using the Duolingo App.

We shockingly had a bit of snow this past month. It was a very chilly and not so mild November. In other news, a very convenient and tasty taco truck opened up 2 minutes from the house and I have consistently eaten there 3 times a week ever since. I may or may not be addicted to Robert’s Grill. Ok, fine, I am. Don’t judge me!


The most memorable part of this month was our family vacation for Thanksgiving. We spent the week in Gulf Shores / Fort Morgan, AL in a house with Mike’s entire family (all 15 of us). This rental was right on the beach and also had a pool. It was PERFECT! In fact, everything was perfect. We had amazing weather, the kids got along fabulously, we had incredible food, and the activities were so fun! Nobody wanted to come home. Nobody. I hope we’ll do that trip again in the future. The beach was such a lovely change of pace and it was pretty neat to fry a turkey next to the ocean. LOL!



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