My Favorite Books of 2019

I’m back again to share my favorite books for 2019. I still read mostly non-fiction this year but there were a few novels mixed in. I surpassed my goal of 25 and finished 28 books. Here’s my top 5 in no particular order but it was tough to narrow it down to this list. I have quick reviews on all of these titles from 2019 over on Good Reads.

The Spark

Ok this one is, hands down, probably my favorite of 2019. Skylar and I listened to it together and I think she loved it even more than me. It was fascinating to see this mom’s non-conventional approach which focuses largely on “play” and the specific and unique interest of each child. The results they were able to achieve with their autistic son (and many others) were incredible. Jacob Barnett is fascinating in his own right but I love that the author shines just as much light on the small victories of other families as she does her own. Full Review Here

Party Girl

While reading Girl, Stop Apologizing, Rachel Hollis mentions her original novel and it piqued my interest. I didn’t expect to like the storyline as much as I did. It was well crafted and the perfect amount of feel-good mixed with angst. After taking a long break from fiction, this hit the spot! In fact, I quickly realized that it was part of a series. I promptly downloaded Party Girl’s First Date and I have the next two on my list.

The Sun Does Shine

This was one of the more challenging books I read this year, despite being hooked from the first chapter. The author has a beautiful way of telling the story of his life and weaving in culture, history, and faith along the way. I was surprised at how disgusted I could become with the judicial system. Just when I didn’t think it could get any worse, I’d become even more infuriated at the corruptness. This book simultaneously destroyed and then renewed my hope in humanity. It provides some powerful insight about surviving and thriving in this life no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. Full Review Here

Where the Crawdads Sing

I haven’t met a single person who hasn’t LOVED this book. I think every single one of my friends read it over the summer or at the beach. I enjoyed the back and forth timeline and the melding up to present day. Kya’s story is deep and emotional and brave and ingenious. The ending is not at all what I was expecting, yet perfect in every way. The writing style of the author is absolutely beautiful.


Rachel Held Evans is a new author for me. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn about her until after she passed. I think I would have liked her. I read Searching for Sunday first before moving over to this one. This book simultaneously flipped my world upside down, opened my mind, made me dig deeper, caused me to ask questions, created fear, gave comfort, pushed me away, and encouraged me to lean in. Whew! Intense, but so good!!

Additional Thoughts about 2019

This was the year I finally swore off Kristin Hannah. Her books are incredible, yes, but they cause my blood pressure and anxiety to flare a little too much.

To my knowledge, I have now read every book ever written by someone in the Bush family. The writing styles differ quite a bit but the deep commitment to their faith and family runs true through all of them.

Call of the Wild & Free deserves an honorable mention. If you’re ever curious about why or how we unschool, this book explains it all in the most beautiful way.


I need suggestions for 2020. What were your favorite books this year? 

You can read more of my book reviews here.


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