My Life

Me and Murphy Made it Snow

I think I’m causing the snow.

No, really. I honestly think I am.
Actually, it’s not me but my BFF Murphy.

I have a long-standing relationship with Murphy’s law. You know, “what can go wrong will go wrong.” Only in my case it’s more like “what can go wrong, WILL go wrong.” This is bad news for my Type A personality.
Let’s take the snow for example. For the record this is not a rant about my dislike of the fluffy white stuff. It’s about the irony that is my life.
I have been wanting to go to observe at Sky’s new school since December. I’ve actually scheduled it and put it on my calendar three times (Dec. 14, Jan. 11, & Jan. 21). Guess what. It snowed and school was cancelled on all three of those days.
I have also scheduled, booked and paid for two sessions at Paint Along. One night was going to be a girl’s night (Jan. 1o) and then I was going with the hubby for date night (Jan. 20). Guess what. Yep, it snowed and class was cancelled both times.
Murphy loves me. The feeling is not mutual.
So, if you are a snow lover, just call me up and let’s plan to do something. Murphy would love to cancel our plans. But, snow…. he’s pretty good at making that.
Darn you Murphy! *shakes fist in air*

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