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Educational Nashville Summer Camps

It’s that time of year again. Summer camp registration. In order to get into the best camps, you must register early to reserve your spot. 
Even though we are homeschooling, I still wanted tLG to participate in summer camps. It’s a once a year opportunity to get to explore and learn in a unique and fun environment. Besides, this will totally count towards our homeschool hours as it will fall under the “tutor” category. It will be great to get a head start on the school year!
There are some fantastic camps in Nashville. It’s always really hard for me to choose. Here are the camps we have selected for 2014. Each of these have several different themes to choose from. I love that Nashville has so many options that you can do something completely different each year depending on your child’s interests. 
Learn about propulsion by making explosions & about life on a space station, eating astronaut food & disposing of astronaut pee! 
Note: Last year, Mr. Bond came to a different summer camp for one day only. It was tLG’s favorite day, by far, so I was thrilled to find that he has his own week-long camps. 

Engineering For Kids – Survivor’s Cove
Stranded on an abandoned island – surrounded by darkness, cold temperatures, wild animals, and other dangers. Students in this camp will join tribes and compete in various engineering-related challenges against other tribes to survive and eventually escape the harsh island conditions. 
Note: We are currently enrolled in their 6-week series and couldn’t wait to try out their summer camp.  
Traveller’s Rest Plantation  History’s Mysteries
Every museum harbors a mystery…an unexpected artifact, a haunting tale or perhaps something far more strange. Travel on an adventurous journey through some of Nashville’s most interesting museums. Gather clues on the hunt to solve the mystery. 
Note: After taking a field trip to this location, tLG begged to go to their summer camp. 

The Clay Lady’s Studio  Clay Camp
Handprint plate, turtle, fruit bowl, name pot, rattlesnake, alien, angel, wreath picture frame, bunny, pottery wheel class. 

Note: I have several artist friends who are involved in a co-op here and have heard wonderful things. 

Nashville Zoo – Operation Survival
Dive into a world of camouflage, defense, and adaptation! Campers will learn how animals survive in their environments by looking at animal movement, diets, and what makes each animal unique.

Note: This camp always gets rave reviews and fills up quickly. tLG loves animals so I was super excited to get her into this one. 

Overall, I think tLG has a nice, well-rounded summer to look forward to. She’s got access to art, history, and science which aren’t always everyday subjects in homeschool. We tend to focus more on language, math and Bible on a daily basis, so this will be an exciting change for her. Plus, all that socialization she’s gonna get. LOL! 😉

We are planning to travel for the remainder of the summer, but we also have some plan B camp options in case those plans change. I really am hoping we can get in at least one of the music camps. 
Adventure Science Center – GoodVibes! 
Where better to explore the science of sound and acoustics than in the heart of Music City? Come experiment with sound waves, tone and pitch, and even build your own instrument. Experience the science of music where music is done best!
Adventure Science Center – Super Hero Science
Spider Man! Captain America! The Hulk! Come investigate the anatomy of a super hero. What makes them so special? How do human genetics make us super? Learn about lung capacity, compete in Body Battles, and try your hand at your own super skills.
Held annually in June, our Vacation Bible School challenges our kids to trust God and learn more about His love for them, all in a fun, themed environment. VBS is always a free week-long event, typically held from 9 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. If a morning of excitement wasn’t enough, children have the option of staying longer after the VBS session has concluded. On Monday through Thursday until 5 p.m. and Friday until 7 p.m., we’ll have more crafts, more snacks, and more games! Off-site activities are often scheduled as well, including swimming, a visit to the Nashville Zoo and a longer trip to a fun destination to conclude the week.
First Baptist Nashville Music Arts Camp
Held each July, children who have completed Grades 1 through 6 will experience a fun-filled week of activities, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., including percussion, handbells, the recorder, drama, art, dance, puppets, and martial arts. Along with Bible study, snacks and recreation, these activities culminate with a biblically-based children’s musical presented on Sunday evening.
Hermitage United MethodistBasketball and Soccer Fundamentals

Hope everyone has a great summer full of fun and learning!

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