Better Than The Book Fair

Earlier this week, some friends were talking about the book fair at their school. This is the first time that tLG has really missed anything to do with public school so we needed to come up with a homeschool version to remedy this situation. She suggested that we go to McKays. Sold!


If you have never been to McKay Book Store, you are missing out. If you live outside of Tennessee, I would HIGHLY recommend you make the drive to one of their 3 locations to visit. It will not disappoint! Here’s a picture of the Nashville location. Well, this is HALF of the Nashville location. Seriously, you could spend hours here.

It gets better! McKays buys and sells used books, audiobooks, CDs, records, video games, comics, electronics, DVDs, and more! If you are selling, you drop off your books to be evaluated while you shop. They will give you two offers, one in cash and the other in store credit. Take the store credit. Trust me! For starters, it’s always more. Also, when you make purchases with store credit, you don’t have to pay tax. It’s really a great deal!

Today was our “book fair” and I must say that McKays was way better than any book fair I’ve ever been to. She hit the kids section and the comic books section. I hit the homeschool section. We both love to browse the blank books section. It’s full of cute little journals and such. In the end, we each ended up with a bag full of books and we spent WAY less than the book fair.

It gets even better! We checked the free book bins on the way out. These are locations for customers to donate books that McKays is unable to buy, usually due to condition or inventory levels. It’s typically hit or miss at the free bins. Today, we hit the jackpot. She ended up with 10+ kids books. We should have hit the free bins first and came home. LOL!

Not surprisingly, tLG was already devouring books on the way home. That’s her norm these days. Kinda like Library Day.

Now, being a former PTO mom, I know that the book fair is just as much about supporting the school as it is about reading but I had WAY more fun and spent less to get so much more at McKays. The book fair is yet another item to add to my “things I won’t miss about public school” list. 😉

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